What happens during my first visit?

Your first visit will be approximately 90 minutes and will begin with your physical therapist listening to you and discussing your concerns and goals in private. Your medical history and the history of your injury will be discussed. After our initial conversation, an extensive evaluation of your posture, movement patterns, strength and range of motion will be performed. If you are visiting us because of a pelvic floor related condition, we will proceed to an assessment of your pelvic floor muscles. Please see More About Pelvic Floor Exams in the drop down below. The remainder of your visit will be in treatment and discussing your individual treatment plan. We will teach you exercises and modifications you can perform at home or with your Pilates Instructor/Fitness Trainer between physical therapy treatment sessions to aid in recovery.

More About Pelvic Floor Exams:

How is a Pelvic Floor exam performed?

Depending on your symptoms and comfort level this may be done externally and/or internally. Because of the location of the pelvic floor muscles, the best way to assess and treat them is often intravaginally. You will be given a sheet to cover up and the therapist will be out of the room while you dress or undress, much like a regular physical exam at the doctor’s office. With your consent, the physical therapist will first examine the perineal area (vaginal area) externally to look for any asymmetries, scarring, or tissue abnormalities that help us identify areas of inflammation or irritation. This will be followed with an internal exam to assess the pelvic floor muscle strength, motor control, and endurance and muscle tightness.

How do physical therapy internal exams differ from a gynecological exam?

Physical Therapy internal exams are different from the pelvic or gynecological exams performed by your physician. We do not use a speculum or stirrups and we are not evaluating the reproductive, urinary or intestinal systems. Exams are performed with a gloved finger to evaluate the pelvic floor muscles, joints, ligaments and fascia for strength, endurance, and motor control. We discuss what we are doing throughout the exam and will be very sensitive to any pain or other issues you may have. Your therapist will be looking for what areas are painful, muscle tightness or spasm, whether you can do a good pelvic floor contraction and the strength of the contractions, and if you can relax the pelvic floor muscles.

Do I have to have an internal exam?

If you are not comfortable with having an internal exam on your first visit, or at all, alternative evaluation and treatment options are available that will help your condition improve. Sometimes people need a little longer to establish a rapport with the therapist or even to reduce their general pelvic pain to be able to tolerate an internal examination or treatment. An internal exam is still possible while a woman is having her period and is determined by the comfort level of the patient. Internal exams will not be performed if the patient has an active local infection or during pregnancy.

How long are the appointments at CoreWorks Physical Therapy?

Specific treatment time will be dependent on each patient’s condition and needs. Your initial evaluation will be approximately 90 minutes and treatment sessions will be approximately 60 - 90 minutes.

Why Should I come to CoreWorks Physical Therapy?

CoreWorks Physical Therapy is committed to helping you reach your goals. Each visit will be in a one-on-one setting for approximately 60-90 minutes with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Therapist, Ashlee Richardson, PT, DPT, has special training in treating pelvic floor and chronic pain conditions and is a leader in providing STOTT PILATES education to Pilates Instructors nationwide. Ashlee is dedicated to providing each patient with a customized experience to make a positive, long lasting effect on decreasing pain and improving daily function. CoreWorks Physical Therapy is located inside Pilates Center of Omaha, a state of the art, fully equipped Pilates Studio who has been voted Best Pilates Studio in Omaha for the past 8 years in a row. This provides an opportunity to continue with a fitness program following achievement of your physical therapy goals with the guidance of your therapist. Group classes and private sessions are led by certified Pilates instructors and instructor trainers with specific training in injury and special populations.

What is Pilates based physical therapy treatment?

Pilates was pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s as a form of rehabilitation for injured war soldiers and later ballet dancers, Broadway performers and actors/actresses. Emphasis is placed on improving breathe patterns, joint stability, postural control and core muscle strength. These principles make Pilates a perfect pairing with physical therapy treatment. You will notice a difference in attention to detail and quality of movement education as compared with traditional outpatient physical therapy treatment. The utilization of Pilates also gives you an opportunity to pair treatment with an ongoing fitness program to aid in the prevention of symptom reoccurrence and improvement in overall wellness!

Do I have to have a doctor’s referral to come to CoreWorks Physical Therapy?

Nebraska is a direct access state and a physician's referral is not required to make an appointment. Please check with your insurance company prior to your first visit to determine if a referral is needed for reimbursement of services. More about our method of payment can be found on our Payment and Insurance Page.