Chronic Pain Restorative Program

Research shows individuals who experience chronic pain improve function through a combination of exercise and pain education.  Based on this research, CoreWorks Physical Therapy, LLC and Pilates Center of Omaha, LLC have partnered together to offer programming to improve your chronic pain.  Whether you are experiencing pain from an injury, chronic low back, pelvic pain or have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, our Chronic Pain Restorative Program is a holistic program designed to meet your individual needs. 

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Chronic Pain Restorative Program Introductory Package

Physical Therapy Sessions
With CoreWorks Physical Therapy: $485.00
The program begins with five sessions with a Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy.  These sessions include one 90-minute initial evaluation followed by four 55-minute individual sessions.  Each session will include Therapeutic Neuroscience Education for treating pain, learning the basic principles of Pilates and teaching how to best modify exercises and daily activities for your needs.

Payment is required at the time of service.  If you plan to submit receipts to your insurance company for reimbursement, please contact your provider to inquire about specific requirements which may be needed for insurance submission.  Click HERE to learn more about CoreWorks Physical Therapy's payment policies.  

Core and Restore Pilates Group Classes
New Client Special Pricing with Pilates Center of Omaha: $150.00 
Upon completion of the initial sessions with a Physical Therapist, you may begin small group “Core and Restore Equipment Pilates” classes led by a Certified Pilates Instructor who has been specially trained in Injury and Special Populations.  Small group classes will expand on the basic Pilates principles with low impact exercises for improved strength and range of motion.  Participants may also continue with Physical Therapy or Private Pilates Sessions if preferred or it is deemed more appropriate than a group setting.  

Contact us at 402-512-3237 or email: to make an appointment. 

Following the introductory package, participants can continue with group classes or private sessions with any of the following packages at Pilates Center of Omaha.  

Core and Restore/Equipment Pilates Group Classes: 55-minute small group classes
Individual Group Class: $32.00
Package of 5 Group Classes: $135.00
Package of 10 Group Classes: $260.00

Private Pilates Sessions with a Physical Therapist: 55 minutes
Individual Private Session: $90.00
Package of 5 Private Sessions: $425.00
Package of 10 Private Sessions: $800.00

Private Pilates Sessions with a Certified Pilates Instructor: 55 minutes
Individual Private Sessions: $83.00
Package of 5 Private Sessions: $365.00
Package of 10 Private Sessions: $680.00

Physical Therapy with CoreWorks Physical Therapy:
Initial Evaluation: $125.00
Treatment Session: $90.00