Pilates Really is for Every Body

The thing I love most about Pilates is the versatility.  The New Year has started off with a foot and finger injury, which have humbly limited my activity.  The one constant that has allowed me to remain active has been Pilates.  Not only as a form of exercise but as a form of rehabilitation.  No matter age, activity level or experience, Pilates really is for everybody.  We have had clients from ages 12 – 95, athletes, individuals with progressive neurological conditions, all stages of pregnancy, men, women, and could go on and on!  The common theme among the variety of participants that walk through the door have been a safe, effective Pilates practice.

 Like any service or product, not all Pilates is the same.  Important things to consider when choosing which studio and instructor are the best fit for you include: level and quality of certification; experience; and possibly most importantly of all, an understanding instructor who listens and ensures you needs are being met.  A good fit will be a welcoming facility and instructor which provide a setting that safely meets your needs while providing a fun, challenging and progressive Pilates practice. 

 There are many certifications out there from weekend workshops to 200+ hour trainings with rigorous certification exams.  When going through my training with STOTT PILATES®, the thing I loved most was the amount of modifications provided to ensure Pilates is accessible to everybody.  I also loved the emphasis and attention to detail on anatomy, ensuring each exercise is performed from the correct muscle groups, without compensations.  I believe this is the tell tail sign of a good program, as Pilates' original intent was to restore muscle balance in the body in order to rehabilitate and/or reduce the risk of injury. 

 I am thrilled to say that I am currently on the mend!  Taking advantage of our snowy winter, I began cross country skiing this week.  In preparation for some spring/summer bicycle touring, I have also added in some stationary cycling without setbacks, which I attribute to keeping up with a regular Pilates routine and the amazing instructors at Pilates Center of Omaha.   

About the author:  Dr. Ashlee Richardson, PT, DPT is the owner of Pilates Center of Omaha and CoreWorks Physical Therapy.  She is a women's health and pelvic floor physical therapist,  Lead STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer, and has over 15 years of experience teaching Pilates.  Learn more about Ashlee and the amazing team of instructors at Pilates Center of Omaha HERE.  

 Curious how you can add Pilates into your exercise regimen for injury prevention, rehabilitation or just as a form of strength training?  Our team of highly trained, certified STOTT PILATES® Instructors and Licensed Physical Therapists would love to answer any questions. Give us a call at 402-512-3237!