New Year. New You. How Physical Therapy Can Help.

Many of us may be planning new health and fitness goals for 2017, and plan to increase our activity levels.  We applaud and encourage you as you work towards a healthier more active you and want to help you remain injury free so you can achieve these goals.

Photo by kapulya/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by kapulya/iStock / Getty Images

Regular exercise is imperative to maintaining good health, however sudden increases in activity levels can lead to an increased risk for injury.   Our movement screen and posture analysis will assess strength, range of motion and posture to identify imbalances and compensations.  Based on these findings, individualized corrective exercises will be recommended to normalize movement before increasing physical demand.  We will also teach you how to perform specific exercises with the correct technique, breathing pattern, and range of motion.

Regular movement screens can be an invaluable tool to keep you healthy, active and pain free.  Just as we receive regular medical and dental screens to assess the status of our health, regular movement screens work in the same way.  These screens are important to determine what areas need to improve to prevent future problems and fix problems that may arise.  With a regular movement screen, areas that are at risk can be determined to help prevent injuries and keep you informed on your progress.  Remaining injury/pain free will help you stay consistent with your training and in turn, improve performance and reach your goals. 

If you are interested in improving your movement patterns, decreasing compensations and reducing injury risks, please contact us at 402-512-3237 or email us at

*Movement screens are 55 minutes.  This service will not be reimbursed by your insurance company.

We wish you a happy, healthy new year and cheer you on as you reach your 2017 goals!